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We provide diving services for virtually all types of marine and subsea operations from shallow water operations to complex underwater projects. We have the technology and experience to efficiently complete your every project.

Our diving services are performed by highly motivated skilled personnel using reliable modern equipment for air and mixed-gas diving.

Management includes experienced staff to support our sub sea operations and we have a team of qualified offshore engineers and technicians who are experienced in all aspects of the offshore industry and are able to work internationally.

In addition, the company's inspection department includes qualified managers to maintain a high level of quality in inspection and reporting. We can inspect and survey a complete range of underwater structures / vessel inshore and offshore.

We specialize in underwater salvage of sunken vessels by use of water displacement using air assisted by lift buoys and crane lifts. Our divers are all trained to high standards in the various skills and disciplines required and have extensive experience in, but not limited to, the following:

  • Air & hydraulic power tools hydro-jetting
    Air lifting
    Bag work
    Blasting of channel reefs
    Block Setting (aggregate and concrete basis)
    Boat lift
    Bridge construction
    Dam construction
    Desalination plant
    Diver assistance to hydrographic survey operations
    Installation of inshore mooring system
    Placement of Stabit Tetrapods
    Power station construction & modification
    Pre-fabricated harbor construction systems
    ROV Surveys
    Sand Bagging
    Sea defenses
    Search & recovery of lost equipment
    Sewer systems
    Steel fixing
    Underwater cutting/burning welding
    Underwater mannetometer