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The Gator is a trackable self propelled, shallow water cable burial trenching machine.

The Gator tracked trencher system was designed to provide a cost effective, comprehensive subsea cable trenching system that is modular, easily shipped, and can be operated from vessels of convenience in order to provide services for the telecommunications and power cable industry market.

The package is capable of simultaneous lay and burial, or post lay burial, operating in shallow water tidal to deepest water, only restricted by diver operations on deploying of the cable for burial.

The vehicle is comprehensively equipped, and features include a rapid change tool mounting, for jetting tools, chain cutters and rock wheel.

She can bury up to a maximum of 2 meters in soft sand sea beds 0.5 to 0.8 meter moderately hard ground.

The umbilical length is ca. 1000 meters (usable cable) and gives the Gator an operation radius of 500 meters or capability to post bury cable up to 1000 meters from the mother ship , so the Gator can also be used for near shore and in the tidal range for burial of the subsea cable.