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Aqua provides a complete service for marine operations across the gulf region. We perform services in both the on-shore and off-shore industries

Our personnel and expertise enable us to provide a broad range of underwater services.

We have a proven ability and an excellent reputation in problem-solving and it is our aim to complete the underwater task- at-hand more efficiently, effectively and safer than our competitors.

Professional divers are on every job to ensure compliance with industry standards as we deliver the highest quality work and stay within the project scope and budget.

We offer cost effective practical solutions to all diving tasks, routine or complex and with our inventory of state of the art specialised equipment we are able to respond to clients' need in a timely and effective manner.

Please feel free to browse our service pages for more detailed information about just some of the services that we offer, as well as the below:

  • Calm Buoy (SPM) survey / inspection / installation
    Cathodic protection
    Cross over rectification & supports
    Decompression therapy
    Derrick / lay barge support
    Diving - civil & oilfield
    Drilling rig support
    Dry docking vessels & barges survey
    Emergency response
    Fixed offshore installations
    Free span correction
    Hose change
    Lay barge and derrick barge operations
    Mobile offshore drilling units
    Non-Destructive Testing (MPI & ultrasonic thickness)
    Oil related transport offshore
    Oil spill response
    Pipe & cable lay support
    Pipeline burial
    Pipeline installation, repair & construction
    Pipeline plug & abandonment
    Platform & anode retrofit
  • Platform Inspections- Level I,II,III
    Platform P & A support
    Platform removal
    Port & harbour services
    Power & fibre optic cable burial
    Production & storage vessels
    Propeller installation & repair / polishing
    Riser installation & removal
    ROV Surveys
    Seabed surveys
    Ship hull inspections / cleaning
    Subsea tie-in scour & penetration checks
    Surface supplied air & mixed gas diving
    Underwater burning / welding
    Underwater inspections
    Underwater photography & video
    Vessels & barge survey inspections
    Video inspection
    Well head repair & abandonment